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Electronic ticket sales

Ticket Prices: State Hermitage Museum

400 roubles - Entry ticket to the Main museum complex

500 rubles – admission ticket, valid for two days from the moment of ticket purchase, to visit the Main Museum Complex (once) and exhibitions at the General Staff Building (once)

350 rubles – admission ticket for adult citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus (upon the presentation of documents confirming citizenship)

Free entrance to the Main museum complex for:
- preschool children, school children, students (regardless of nationality)
- pensioners (Russian citizens)

Free entrance to the State Hermitage Museum is also provided to the following citizens:
- Heroes of the Soviet Union;
- Heroes of the Russian Federation;
- Heroes of Socialist Labour;
- Full Cavaliers of the Order of Labour Glory;
- Veterans of the Great Patriotic War;
- Disabled people from the Great Patriotic War;
- Those awarded the Medal for the Defence of Leningrad or Resident of Leningrad under Siege;
- former non-adult prisoners of concentration camps, ghettos and other locations of forced detention by Axis forces during World War II;
- Persons with disabilities (categories 1 and 2);
- Disabled people in wheelchairs with one accompanying person;
- Families with many children;
- Military conscripts;
- Workers from Russian museums;
- Members from creative organisations: painters, architects and designers;
- Members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

Free entry tickets (except those for children of preschool and school ages) are provided only with the presentation of the appropriate documents confirming one's right to free entrance.

The first Thursday of each month is a day for free entrance to the museum for all individual visitors (for free tickets).
These benefits are not extended to excursions.

Cost of entry ticket to other museum buildings:
Menshikov Palace, Porcelain Museum, Peter the Great's Winter Palace, General Staff Building - 100 roubles.

Restoration and Storage Center of the State Hermitage
Visitation as part of a guided tour only, by prior booking.
Guided tour per visitor (including the cost of admittance ticket) – 300 rubles
Guided tour per visitor for visitor categories entitled to reduced rates – 200 rubles (including the cost of admittance ticket)

Entrance to the exhibition New Acquisitions. 1997-2014 is free.

Photography, videography prohibited.

Photography and video costs
200 roubles - ticket for taking photographs and videos for personal use (entrance ticket required).
5000 roubles - ticket for costumed photographs and videos for groups of no more than 5 people (entrance ticket required).
5000 roubles - ticket for taking photographs and videos of wedding parties for groups of no more than 5 people (entrance ticket required).


Tickets to the General Staff building, the Menshikov Palace and Porcelain Museum are sold only at ticket booths of these branches of the museum.
Tickets to Peter the Great's Winter Palace can be bought at Peter the Great's Winter Palace and at the ticket booths of the State Hermitage Museum.

Special exhibitions
300 roubles - ticket to the Treasure Gallery - Diamond room (No. 1);
300 roubles - ticket to the Treasure Gallery - Gold room (No. 2).
The tickets are bought together with the entrance ticket.

The ticket is valid for one entrance to the museum on the day of its purchase.
An unused ticket can be returned only on the day of its purchase provided that the cash register receipt is kept. The cost of an unused ticket is refunded in full (100%).
Please, keep your tickets till the end of your visit.

Ticket booths
The sale of entry tickets (including tickets at special prices for visitors receiving benefits) and excursion tickets for individuals is carried out at museum ticket booths located in the Main vestibule of the museum (entrance through the Grand Court of the Winter Palace.)
In order to receive discount prices it is necessary to present documents confirming your right to the discount.

Ticket booth hours at the Main museum complex:
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday:
10:30 am - 5:30 pm
Wednesday: 10:30 am - 8:30 pm
Museum is closed on Mondays.


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