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17: The Hall of the Culture and Art of the Nomadic Peoples
of the Altai Region: 6th to 4th Centuries BC


5th - 4th century BC

This large chariot of birch is the most striking object amongst the finds from the Pazyryk Burial Mound No.5. It is over three metres high and consists of three frames joined by means of small carved poles and leather straps, which form a base for a canopy. Each of the four large wheels has 34 spokes. To make the construction more firm, the spokes were wrapped up in birch-bark and glued. The axes are devoid of a rotary device, which meant that the chariot could only be used on flat ground. It could however be easily disassembled and transported by pack-horses.

There are several world-known excavated chariots including more ancient ones, but this one is unique for its excellent state of preservation.




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