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Книги, печатная графика

There are 585 works of art in this category

Kandinsky. From the Series "Russian Painting with the Names of Avant-garde Artists"

Drummer, the Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich’s 1st Line Regiment of the Polish Army (Summer Dress Uniform)

Equipment of the Army Horse Pioneer Squadrons

Field Officer of the Horse Artillery Brigade

Chief Officer of the Life-Guards Black Sea Cossack Squadron

Anonymous printmaker

Officer of His Imperial Highness the Heir's Life-Guards Cossack Regiment

Field Officer of His Majesty King of Prussia's Grenadier Regiment

Private of His Imperial Highness the Heir's Cuirassier Regiment


Kiel, Leon Charles von, first quarter of the 19th century?-1851

Pack of Children’s Playing Cards for a Game of Whist that Uses the French Suits, in the Original Package

Private of the Life-Guards Don Cossack Regiment

Grenadier of the Life-Guards Preobrazhensky Regiment

Geissler, Christian Gottfried Heinrich. 1770-1844

Equipment of a Polish Army Horse Chasseurs Division

Musketeer of the Life-Guards Semyonovsky Regiment

Geissler, Christian Gottfried Heinrich. 1770-1844




There are 1776 works of art in this category

Carrying the Cross

German sculptor, late 15th century

Group "Bible Reading"


Sculptor of Northern Italy

Portrait of Julius Caesar

Unknown sculptor, late 16th century (after an original of the 1st century BC)

Boy Bacchus

Duprè, Giovanni. 1817-1882

Portrait of a Smiling Child

Nollekens, Joseph. 1737-1823

Relief: Meeting of Jephtah and his Daughter

Roman Sculptor, third quarter of the 18th century


Psyche in a Faint

Tenerani, Pietro. 1789-1869


Thorvaldsen, Bertel. 1770-1844


Apollo and Daphne

Triscornia, Paolo Andrea. 1757-1833

Bust of Duke de Sully

Collot, Marie-Anne. 1748-1821

Sleeping Cupid

Florentine sculptor. 17th century (? )

Seated Young Woman

French sculptor. 19th century

Venus and Cupid

German sculptor (?), late 16th century; French sculptor (?), late 16th century

Мозаика, витражи

There are 85 works of art in this category

Mosaic Picture "Grotto at Tivoli"

Stained Glass Panel "Fortune as a Shield-Holder"

Mosaic Panel

Portrait of Empress Yelizaveta Petrovna

Magistrate's stained glass of the Canton of Bern

Miniature: "Pliny's Pigeons"

"St Bernard Adoring the Madonna and Child (The Miracle of Milk Issue)"


"Rachel and Laban"

Stained Glass of Herzog Brothers

Stained-Glass Panel Depicting the Coat of Arms of the Bishop of Salzburg

Stained Glass Petter Wyccart

Mosaic Icon of Holy Prince Vladimir

Wedding stained glass Maag - Rutzistofferin

Stained Glass of of the Canton of Glarus

Stained Glass of Theobald von Erlach

Предметы прикладного искусства

There are 10556 works of art in this category

Fox Monk

Decorative Plate





Bowl " David Beheading Goliath"

Nouailher, Colin, circa 1514-circa 1588





Obelisk with the Coat of Arms of the Perm' Province

Two-Handled Vase

Smoking Pipe


Brooch Decorated with a Scene from a Russian Fairi Tale