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There are 6737 works of art in this category

Portrait of the Artist's Son

Kosinski, Józef. 1753-1821

View of the Pavilion Hall in the Hermitage

Tutukin, Pyotr. 1819-1900

Seated Naked Woman

Grundig, Hans. 1901-1958

Icon: Archangel Michael and Martyr Catherine

Borovikovsky, Vladimir, circle of. 1757-1825

Lady and Gentleman

Seghers, Cornelius Johannes Adrianus. 1814-1875

Portrait of a Woman

Grassi, Joseph. 1757-1838

Portrait of a Scholar

Buying Grapes

Ochtervelt, Jacob Lucasz. 1634-1682

Still Life

Paudiss, Christopher, circa 1618-1666

Landscape with a Waterfall

Robert, Hubert. 1733-1808

Icon St. Nikola Zaraisky with Scenes from His Life

Portrait of the Tver Landowner Semyon Fiodorov

Yushanov, Luka. Active-mid-19th century

Ruins of a Doric Temple

Robert, Hubert. 1733-1808

Military Review by Abbas Mirza

Alla-Virdi Afshar

Portrait of Vasily S. Trubetskoy (1776-1841)

George Dawe and his workshop

"Portrait of Alexander I"

Anonymous Artist, first quarter of the 19th century


There are 4373 works of art in this category

Fortune Telling Icon

Beauties Celebrate Snowflakes

Architectural Fantasy

Bibiena, Carlo Galli. 1728-1787

Card with Letter “Ы“

Terebenyov, Ivan. 1780-1815

Church on the Spit of Vasilevsky Island. Plan. Version A. Draft

Michetti, Niccolo. 1675-1759

Eventide in Little Russia

Premazzi, Luigi (?). 1814-1891

View of the Hospital at Lefortovo in Moscow


Krivoarbatsky lane. Moscow

Portrait of an Unknown Woman

Anonymous Artist, late 19th century

Landscape with Ruins

Natoire, Charles-Joseph. 1700-1777

Palace of Peter I in the Summer Garden. Plan and Design

Zemtsov, Mikhail. 1688-1743

Untitled/Evening Moscow-1

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

"The View of Zlatoust on the Shore of the Lake"

Helmersen, Gregor von. 1803-1885

Hua Mulan Walks with a Sword in the Palace

The Blessing of Jacob

Orley, Richard van. 1663-1732

Sketch of the Scenery for the Opera "Scipio"

Valeriani, Giuseppe. 1708-1762


There are 264 works of art in this category

Oval Icon Representing Luke the Evangelist

Woman Sitting under a Blossoming Tree and Pouring Wine

Madallion with a Bas-Relief Portrait of Catherine the Great

Youth with Two Jugs and a Young Woman

Frame with Views of Architecture and Portraits: Miniature Depicting Interior with Colonnade and Arches

Portrait of Sigismund III Vasa (1566-1632), King of Sweden

Anonymous Artist

Imam Ali with His Sons, Salman the Persian (or Salman al-Farsi) and Qanbar

Reciting Poems

Miniature: Portrait of Count Alexei Orlov-Chesmensky

Anonymous Artist

Woman Holding a Decanter and a Cup

Shah's Exit

Сarnet with a Portrait of Princess E.R. Dashkova and a Monogram "PD"

Humphrey, Ozias. 1742-1810

Rakhsh Saving the Sleeping Rustem

Bird Perching on a Rose Twig

Miniature: Portrait of Count Alexander Andreyevich Bezborodko

Lampi, Johann Baptist II (?). 1775-1837

Portrait of a Lady

Anonymous Artist


There are 5667 works of art in this category

Jupiter and Antiope: The Larger Plate. B.203

Legend of the White Snake

Portrait of General, Count A. I. Osterman-Tolstoy

Mansfeld, Johann Georg. 1764-1817

Portrait of Peter the Great

Bobrov, Viktor. 1842-1918

"A bon chat bon rat"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

The Appearance of the Angel to Joachim

Raimondi, Marcantonio. 1475/80-1534 (?)

Student at a Table by Candlelight. B.148

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn. 1606-1669; Anonymous printmaker

The Storming of Polotsk by General Wittgenstein's Troops in 1812

Terebenyov, Ivan (?). 1780-1815

Cover with Мignette "Court of King Midas"

Sheet: Hachimantaro Yoshiie

Leucothoe Fascinated with Apollo's Handsomeness Allows Him without Resistance to Seduce Her

Bonnet, Louis-Marin. 1743-1793

Captain Groses Visiting Card with his Stick Caddy

Grose, Francis. 1730-1791

A Coffee House of Liechtenstein in Vilnius, December 7th, 1812 (from the right)

The Album "Siege", published during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871. The Sheet "Square Napoleon"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

Female Profile

Feure, Georges de. 1868-1943

"L'Agent d'affaires"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879