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There are 3000 works of art in this category

Portrait of a Woman

Helst, Bartholomeus van der. 1613-1670

The Anointing of Saul

Victors, Jan. 1619-1676

Portrait of Maria Rayevskaya

Little House in a Garden

Lacoste, Charles. 1870-1959

Holy Family with St Catherine

Cesare da Sesto. 1477-1523

Portrait of a Young Man with an Earring

Hall of Estates at the City Council in Antwerp

Geeraerts, Jan. 1814 (or 1818)-1890

Battle Scene

Courtois, Jacques (called Bourguignon), circle of. 1621-1675

Portrait of Vasily Botkin

Gorbunov, Kirill. 1822-1893

St Bernard (Exterior of the Right-Side Panel of the Triptych)

Unknown Netherlandish artist, early 16th century

Nessus and Dejanira

Rubens, Peter Paul (Pietro Pauolo), school of. 1577-1640

Landscape with a Wayfarer

Rosa, Salvator, circle of. 1615-1673

Death of the Inquisitor Pedro de Arbues

Murillo, Bartolomé Esteban. 1617-1682

Sleeping Savoyard Boy

Leibl, Wilhelm. 1844-1900

The Mandylion (Image of Edessa)

Feast of the Gods

Anonymous Artist. 18th century


There are 3000 works of art in this category

Cold Bath at Tsarskoye Selo. Design of Decoration of the Room with a Pool (cross-section)

Cameron, Charles. 1730-1811

Architectural Fantasy

Bibiena, Carlo Galli. 1721-1784

Corner of the Park with a Grotto, Fountain and Vase

Unknown French artist. 18th century

Sitting Young Woman with a Needlework on Her Lap

Parmigianino (Francesco Mazzola). 1503-1540


Design for a Ceiling: Apotheosis of a Hero

Wailly, Charles de. 1730-1798

Series: LINES. Untitled

Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Portrait of Middle-Aged Man

L'Anonyme Lécurieux active second half of the 16th century

"The Facade of the Second Summer Palace in St Petersburg"

Anonymous Artist, first half of the 18th century

Diana and Actaeon

Thomas de Thomon, Jean-François. 1760-1813

Landscape with a Distant View of a Town

Grimmer, Jacob. 1525/26-1590

Merit and Fame, Wealth and Nobility

Eventide in Little Russia

Premazzi, Luigi (?). 1814-1891


View of the Hamlet of Lisdorf near Leiden

Verryck, Theodor (Dirk). 1734-1786

Adoration of the Magi

Cambiaso, Luca (Luchetto da Genova). 1527-1585


There are 272 works of art in this category

Monkey Riding a Bear

Portrait of a Girl with a Bouquet of Daffodils in the Hands

Youth with a Cup


Miniature: Portrait of Empress Maria Alexandrovna

Rockstuhl, Alois Gustav. 1798-1877

Woman Sitting under a Blossoming Tree and Pouring Wine

Miniature: Portrait of Tatyana Yusupova

Ritt, Augustin-Christian. 1765-1799

Сarnet with a Portrait of Princess E.R. Dashkova and a Monogram "PD"

Humphrey, Ozias. 1742-1810

Pair of Ducks

Portrait of Prince B.A.Kurakin

Saint, Daniel. 1778-1847

Louis XIV, King of France

Petitot, Jean I. 1607-1691

Feast Scene in a Pavilion

Miniature: Portrait of a Pupil of a Lyceum

Sokolov, Pyotr. 1778-1848

Miniature: Portrait of Grand Princess Maria Nikolayevna

Anonymous Artist

Portrait of a man with a Book

Aqa Bala

Portrait of chronicher


There are 3000 works of art in this category

Portrait of Peter the Great

Bobrov, Viktor. 1842-1918

Portrait of the Duke of Saxe-Coburg Ernest-Louis

Velyn, Philippus. 1786-1836

Madonna and a Child with a Monkey

The Swimmer in the Tank (La Nageuse dans laquarium)

Pair of Ionic Columns Standing on a Base on Either Side of the Arch

Vaccaro, Andrea. 1604-1670

Portrait of Grand Duchess Maria Mikhailovna


Portrait of Peter I

Vogel, Bernhard. 1683-1737

Grand Canal by Cannaregio

Marieschi, Michele Giovanni. 1710-1744

Shah's Golash - a Rider Firing a Rifle at Full Tilt

Orlowsky, Aleksander. 1777-1832

Zacharias Killed between the Temple and the Altar

Portrait of General A.I. Mikhailovsky-Danilevsky

Wright, Thomas. 1792-1849

Portrait of Nicholas I

Ulrich, Wilhelm Karl. 1815-1875

Diana Hunting

Bonasone, Giulio (?). 1510-1576

Predistination Vessel. View from the Stern

Schoonebeeck, Adriaan. 1661-1705

Facade and Plan of the Admiralty Pavillion in Tsarskoye Selo

Kuvakin, Ivan. 1751/52-after 1809

Stolen Chemise

Guersant, E. active late 18th century